The Ring Dinger®

In addition to Dr. Prather's skilled application of comprehensive joint manipulation, he may use the Ring Dinger procedure as part of the patient's treatment protocol.

What Is the Ring Dinger®?

Y-Axis Non-Surgical Spinal Neural Decompression, also known as the Ring Dinger®, is a specialized method of High Velocity, Low Amplitude Manual Manipulation (HVLAMM) against gravity induced compressive stress.

HVLAMM works to relieve pain by amplifying proprioception.  Proprioception is your brain’s sense of movement and position in space.  Dysfunctional joint motion (dyskinesis) causes a deafferentation of proprioception in your central nervous system.  This means your brain has a decreased sense of your body’s movement and motor control.  Your brain reacts to dyskinesis by sending pain signals to effected areas.  Chronic dyskinesis leads to degenerative joint sequelae such as spondylosis, spinal stenosis, balance disorders, and osteoarthritis of the extremities.

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Proven Results

Highly specialized, three-dimensional manual manipulation procedures have saved countless patients from having to receive painful and often temporary relief treatments, including steroid injections, spinal surgery, and taking dangerous opioids. These methods are perfect for those suffering from:


The Ring Dinger® was developed by world-renowned chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Johnson has pioneered this technique, including candidate screening procedures, but says that “anyone who is living, breathing, and moving in gravity can benefit from the Ring Dinger®,” and we agree.

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Benefits of the Ring Dinger®

Natural Pain Relief

The Ring Dinger® eliminates the need for other, often detrimental, pain management methods, providing instant relief.

Full-Body Adjustment

This procedure is considered a full body adjustment, targeting several parts of the spinal column and surrounding areas.

Better Circulation

The technique eliminates interferences and promotes the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and water through the spinal column.

Improved Neurological Function

Pathways to the brain, including those that signal for pain, see an increased functionality, often leading to a reduction in pain perception.

More on this Technique

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Interested in the Ring Dinger®?

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