Prather Manual Manipulation

"Medicine comes in many forms. Pharmaceuticals, surgery, movement and nutrition are all forms of medicine and are meant to work synergistically. When one is faced with any health challenge, the multi-faceted dynamics of that challenge should be conceptualized with clarity. From clarity emerges understanding the role each type of medicine may play in health recovery."
- Dr. Eric J. Prather, DC, BS, DIANM
Why We Use It

The Prather Difference

Dr. Prather supports a synergistic approach to patient care.  We want to understand the condition, understand the options available, and incorporate the best of every approach to formulate a comprehensive plan for our patients.

Our Process

After a complete analysis, the Gonstead chiropractor is ready to deliver any necessary adjustments. The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be precise and accurate, addressing only the problem areas. Great care is taken to ensure a biomechanically correct position and precise thrust to provide the most accurate and painless adjustment possible. It is the goal of your doctor to restore and maintain optimal health by locating and correcting any interference to the nervous system caused by vertebral subluxation.

Chiropractor standing behind a patient and stretching their neck.
Person sitting at a table holding their neck and their low back.

What We Look For

Using the same principles as engineers and architects, we know that a strong foundation is a necessity for stability. Any changes or weaknesses in the base of a structure can cause deviation at the top:

The Prather Criteria

Consultation & History

During a consultation and history, Dr. Prather interviews the patient about their health concerns.  Dr. Prather will ask detailed questions in order to establish a working diagnosis.


Neuromusculoskeletal examinations combine orthopedic and neurological testing that is designed to reveal both overt and covert areas of concern.  Lab studies may be ordered as well.

Diagnostic Imaging

X-ray analysis will be utilized for initial assessments.  MRI, CT, and other advanced imaging may be ordered by Dr. Prather for greater clinical clarity.

Patient Education

Dr. Prather loves patient clarity.  There is significant evidence in the medical research that demonstrates patient understanding correlating with better outcomes.

Best Recommendations

Based on your diagnosis, Dr. Prather with explain his treatment protocols for your condition and what is expected.  A referral to another specialist will be performed if necessary.


This is how we cross-reference our other findings. We do this by looking for subtle changes in posture and movement that could indicate a problem.


The Gonstead system uses the Nervoscope. It detects uneven heat distribution along the spine, which can mean inflammation or nerve pressure.

Static Palpation

This involves feeling your spine when it is in a stationary position. We look for swelling, tenderness, tightness, and abnormal textures.

Motion Palpation

We feel your spine while it is in motion. Movement can help us determine how easily or difficultly the segments of you spine move in various positions.

X-Ray Analysis

Taking a series of x-rays in various positions helps our chiropractors visualize the structure of your spine as a whole.

Your Health Outcome is Our Priority

If you are living in pain, and nothing has seemed to help, please consider seeing Dr. Prather at Prather Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine for a thorough evaluation.