Infertility is distinct from sterility in that it implies the potential for pregnancy.

About Infertility

The question arises as to what the cause of interference in physiological function is. Infertility is increasing in our country with a large percentage of those who have difficulty conceiving having no organic findings. Patients are becoming increasingly discouraged with medical approaches and are consulting alternative means with more frequency than ever. With infertility issues it is good to rule out organic causes (tumors, pelvic adhesions, lack of sperm motility, etc), and address lifestyle factors which reduce the likelihood of conception (stress, poor nutrition, over-exercising, libido reducing medications, etc).

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Chiropractic & Infertility

Interference in body function, as viewed by the application of chiropractic principles, suggests interference in nervous system function (the body’s controlling system) and is approached by detecting any vertebral subluxation. A healthy, interference-free nervous system helps maintain the delicate hormonal balance necessary to conceive. The pelvic structure must ideally be in optimum alignment because numerous ligaments attach the uterus to the pelvic bones.
How well could the uterus function if it is twisted or under stress? Preliminary research concludes that “female sterility with negative organic findings may be attributable to pelvic dysfunction and adequate treatment (by manipulation) gives favorable results.” Research concerning infertility and chiropractic is currently limited, but case studies abound describing wonderful results that patients are having.

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